We Build Big People

We believe God makes you NEW so He can make you GREAT! Discipleship is our deliberate engaging with God to allow Him to build His greatness in our lives. CCF provides several opportunities for growth, development, and maturity, including Life Classes, Wednesday evening studies, and personal mentoring through Pavilion Ministries. Jesus said, "...I will build My church...," and we know you are the church. We hope you'll take these opportunities to let Him build you.

Life Classes

 We believe God has called us to build big people, and one of the ways we do this is through Life Classes (Sunday School). These are available for children and students based on age and/or grade. Adults are offered a variety of classes in English and Spanish. If you want to grow deeper in your walk with God, join us Sunday mornings at 9 AM!

Midweek Services

Dive deeper into the Word and your relationship with God through weekly Bible Studies. Midweek happens Wednesdays at 7 PM. Relevant studies presented by CCF's pastors, as well as video teaching series from authors such as John Bevere, Tony Evans, Priscilla Shirer, and others create an atmosphere of equipping, learning, and processing as we do life together! Join us on Wednesdays at 7 PM!

Life Groups

As a place to belong and become, life groups build the community of Christian City Fellowship. We hope everyone can experience a sense of belonging through developing friendships and growing in faith, becoming the person God intended them to be. CCF has life groups for all seasons of life.


Learning that becomes a lifestyle

What does it really mean to be free? What bearing does my past have on who I am today? Is it really possible to live a guilt-free, satisfied, robust life? What does God want from me? What did He intend for me? Does my every day, walking around, eating-and-sleeping, daily grind life have any eternal significance?

Pavilion Ministries answers these questions and countless others as we lead people to learn what it means to depend on Jesus Christ for life — whether it be one-on-one, gatherings, or Cross Encounter events. We are in whole-hearted pursuit of Him and the development of His life in people — people who have looked high and low for answers, solutions, and healing in their search for God or in their attempt to live the Christian life. We share that the Christian life isn’t hard to live — it is impossible! It’s our way of letting folks know that we won’t be loading them up with 3 simple steps to a better life or condemning them for not having enough faith or not trying hard enough. Our emphasis is to pass on what we have received: the generous gift of His life. Jesus Christ is the only One Who has ever lived life perfectly and He desires to share His life and power with us. He said, “Come to Me…and learn of Me,” so in every avenue of Pavilion Ministries it is our heart to pass on this learning that becomes a lifestyle.

Start the journey that will change your life!
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